Sunday, December 27, 2009

Following time...

I have become our family's unofficial photo journaler.  The keeper of our photographic memories.  This small piece of tradition was started purely by accident.  I was doing a birth announcement for my granddaughter Zoe. I love the look of black & whites,  I think black & white photos have a way of taking away the distraction of color and emphasizing the content of a picture.  I had matted the 5x7 photo I used for the announcement in an 8x10 frame and my daughter loved it.  After that I would go through the pictures taken on Zoe's birthday each year, choose one, make a black and white 5x7 then frame it. This year when I asked my daughter what was on her list of things she wanted for Christmas she included her yearly photo of Zoe.  Looking a the previous years hanging on her wall I had an idea.  The first photo was done before I owned my Cricut Expression so it was just plain black matted and the subsequent years followed the same format.  This year I wanted to try something different so I added a bit of design to the corner of my mat and added one word in white that the picture brought to mind and used a diamond jewel for the dot on the i in beautiful.  I liked how well it turned out so I 'borrowed' the ones off her wall and redid all the matting.  She loved them, so I guess now my tradition has been officially updated.  I had to laugh when my daughter said Mom you are going to run out of words.  I told her not a chance, with a wonder like my sweet Zoe there will never be enough pictures to even begin to use all the words.


  1. What a fantastic idea!! And what a truly beautiful subject - thanks so much for sharing!


  2. I was checking out your blog from the cricut MB blog hop and I just love these frames!!! I am trying to decide what to do above my bed and was considering black & white photos of my boys all as babies - and YOU just convinced me that would be a great idea!!

    I am a new follower (scrappinmystressaway)!!