Sunday, October 11, 2009

Good intentions...

is what I had to make test cuts this weekend. I seem to have gotten side tracked.  This past week there were a couple of threads on the Cricut message board about wide format printers on sale.  I have been wanting a wide format for sometime now but could never justify the expense of adding yet another printer to my scraproom.  Well I checked them out and caved.  I brought home the HP Photosmart B8555 for only 149.00 with 50.00 bonus Officemax points. It even has reasonably priced replacement ink with individual color cartridges around 10.00 each. It is a bit noisier than my other HP but the prints are clear and true color (up to 13x19 if you choose). I really was more interested in using the printer for background papers so the great photo quality is a bonus.  I did a test digital stamp on print paper and I think I am really going to use this more than I thought. It is however a large printer so I ended up moving my entire scraproom around trying to find the right spot for it.  I guess you never realize how much stuff you have until you try to rearrange it. Long story short I only got one of my test cuts done but he is a real cuttie.  Someone off the MB ask if I had this image and I did so I converted it.  I made the passy a separate piece so you can add it or leave it off.  This is Alvin should you care to try him.

This is the 12x12 with the digital stamps added with the wide format printer.

Monday, October 5, 2009

My first Tilda comes to life...

and I must say I really adore this little girls.  They have so much character for someone with only eyes and eyebrows.  The first one I tried was at 5 inches and she is small so it was harder to get alot of extra details on her.  The next try I cut her at 7 1/4 inches and she was so much easier to add detail to.  I like both sizes and anything in between would work great for a scrapbook page.  So far I have about 24 of them in cut files but only these 2 have been tested.  My goal for this coming weekend is try to test cut  at least 10 more.  I get so wrapped up in converting files that I haven't been doing much cutting, LOL.  If you would care to try these files here is the link for Tilda Fall and Tilda Stylish.

On another great note today I was lucky enough to be chosen to win a Cricut Winter Woodland cartridge for week #4.  I'm so glad I didn't buy it at M's last sale.  Don't forget to go to the Message Board and put your name in there is still one more week to win.