Sunday, January 31, 2010

Files a little old, a little new...

Well two days and hopefully that darn groundhog will see no sign of his shadow. I am really tired of winter no mater how pretty fresh snow looks. It has been so cold out lately here in Michigan. So its seems I have been doing more making cut files than cutting them the last couple weeks.  I love to sit on on my couch on the cold nights at the end of a long day with my lap top and play.  I really don't know what I ever did before Inkscape, LOL.  When I was saving a couple cuts I found the file for 'Love Opens All doors'.  I had posted the layout on December 28th but didn't share the file because I thought I had mistakenly deleted it. So for anyone who still would like to use it you can find the link Here. The door knob was made from a large gold button I found in my stash

This is a new cut file for a layout in progress so I thought I would share it now for anyone who might like to try it. I have been using silhouettes long before Cricut came out with A Child's Year and Heritage.  Silhouettes have always been one of my favorite cuts. The cut file for all seasons and titles are HERE.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy Belated New Year...

I should have been toasting but instead I was just wishing to be toasty 'warm'.  New Years Eve around 6 pm sitting in my scraproom I was thinking my feet were getting a bit nippy.  My first thought was maybe I need to put my fuzzy slippers on.  I got up to get my slippers and check the thermostat and it said 62.  I keep my house on the cool side but not that cool.  Now mind you I had been on vacation for the previous ten days, could it act up during that time?  No it has to wait til a holiday, and according to furnace repairman a three day holiday at that.  My three grand kids were due over at 9 pm to toast in the new year, or should I say to chill out with me, LOL. Luckily I did have a large ceramic heater that we use for the garage or emergencies when needed.  I live ranch style home so we just closed of all the unoccupied rooms, put on extra socks and a sweatshirt and toasted the New Year in with a pajama party in the middle of the living room.  Kids are so resilient, they had a ball and I got lots of pictures to scrap when my scraproom is warmer than 56 degrees.  The repairmen didn't come until Saturday morning so I spent half my weekend under my snuggy on the couch playing with my files on the laptop.  Seeing as I didn't get to post new any files I found this one.  It is an older layout I had posted before but had never posted the cut file to go with it.  I cut my Reading Fairy at about 8 inches so the pieces were fairly easy to work with. She is one my favorite pieces I think I have done this past year. I hope you enjoy her if you should decide to use the cut file. May 2010 be a wonderful year for everyone.