Thursday, July 2, 2009

Organizing leaves little time for actual scrapping...

I seem to spend a fair amount of time in my craft room but as of late I have nada on paper to show for it. It all started when I couldn't find what I wanted for a LO. So the reorganizing of my cut files on my computer and embelies in my scrap room began. I had been looking at the 'Clip it up' but didn't really want a table top system. With a basic plan in mind I went salvaging through my garage loft and local Salvation Army store to see what I could find. This is what I came up with . I used an old brass floor lamp that no longer had all the light parts for my basic stand. Next I looked for the metal insides of lamp shades to make the rings to hold the clips. I had originally decided on three until I found this round white wire basket that I could add clips to and toss in non-clipable items if I needed to. The clips them self's are made of binder clips attached to Ideal Clamps that slide onto the rings. I must say it works rather well and holds the six binders and the peg board I had filled. I have plenty of room to add more. Organizing my computer cut files proved a bit more labor intensive. I guess you never realize just how many files you accumulate until you can't find the one you are looking for. I am still in the process of categorizing them trying to add a jpg view of each of them. It always amazes me just how talented so many people are and how generous they are to share their work. I have started to clean up my own files so I can share them on my blog as well. I'd like to contribute back a small portion of the generosity I have received from others. I just finished a pair of ribbon laced roller skates that I will try and post tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by and sorry it's been so long since I've posted.

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  1. WOW - this is amazing!
    Great job!
    Now i'm trying to understand the set up...
    the basket, is that on a shelf?
    and the second ring, is that part of the top ring? it looks like the perfect size of a shade, i just can't see the rods connecting the two.
    I really enjoy your blog.
    and thanks for sharing your organizing tip - i need every tip i can get!