Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Saving scraps, to toss or not to toss that is the question...

Do you ever save too many bits and pieces of scrap paper or elements you save? I find if it has an interesting shape, texture or color I tend to save it. Sometimes the piece looks totally useless and I still tuck it in the drawer for future possibilities, ah the curse of a pack rat. But then again whenever someone needs something, a bit of this or a piece of that who do they ask? Why the pack rat of course, and I produce the needed item from a drawer or shelf with a bit of a smug smile on my face. Mind you never saying aloud "see I told you it would come in handy" but just handing it over with a renewed conviction that being a pack rat is not always a bad thing. This is a layout of my daughter when she was about three. I started with a piece of pink polka-dot paper and than proceeded to dig through my scrap leftovers drawers. The green in the corner is a left over piece of cardstock I used to punch out my flower leaves for various flowers I have made in the past. I had punched every usable inch of it and was going to toss it out but changed my mind and stashed it back in the drawer. Looking at it reminded me of a quilt pattern so I used my Zig pen and applied stitch line around all the cutout areas. I added a few flowers to give the piece a splash of color it needed. All the remaining pieces in this layout are scraps from my stash, the only new cut item was the title (I used Cursive 101 & Home Decor). I finished "stitching" everything to tie it all together. Moral of this story is "Waste not, want not" (or never throw away something you may use sometime, somewhere in someones lifetime, LOL).


  1. I truly believe in the pack rat concept with scrapbooking items! I also get the look when I say I am saving this piece of scrap. Yet, when they need something I always have it:) I am glad I am not the only one out there that does this!

  2. I admire your work. I am just starting to get into the paper crafting and would love to know more about how you apply the stitching like you did in this project. I can't get over how perfect it looks and what an impressive look it gives this page. I love it! You menionted you used cursive 101 is that a cricket cartridge? I only have a couple cartridges so I need to build my collection as I see things I like. Thanks for sharing your creative pages. I truely admire your work!!!