Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Never could resist pretty paper...

Over the holidays I made an honest effort to stay out of the craft stores. I really need to use the paper I have on hand and not buy more. Being a member of the Cricut message board and it never fails that someone posts a great sale or a new item just put on the shelves. It's so hard to resist not just checking it out. So into Michael's craft store I go just to look at the new Prima stacks. Bad move because all stacks were 50% off and for a paper addict that can be dangerous. In all I ended up adding seven to stacks to the fifty I already own. To justify this new foolishness I will challange myself to make at least two layouts from each stack in the month of January. I will post them as I complete them.


  1. those are so lovely especially the design for your header!

  2. Oh my! I know what you mean about having SO much crafting stuff and then not really using it. I deal with the same thing...seems like those of us who like to craft also really like to shop!! LOL