Sunday, March 10, 2013

Shadow Box Frames...

have always been a favorite of mine.  I love the layering and visual depth they create when you use them.  While going through my stash of frames I keep on hand in my craft room I had forgotten just how many shadow boxes I had aquired. They were all styles and sizes and I stopped counting at 17.  But then like any good crafter always be prepared and if one is good then three is better.                            

I guess there is a little (bordering on a lot) of shopping OCD in all avid scrapbooking crafters. I have long ago stopped denying that I have enough supplies to craft through my life time and well into that of my granddaughters. But then an afternoon spent in my craft room with my granddaughters reminds my just how much joy this indulgence of mine brings to all of us.  It will create memories for them like it did for me when I spent time with my grandmother baking and canning in her kitchen.
Last week while in Joann's Crafts I found Spellbinders Grand Nestabilites on clearance for 70% off.  I have a number of smaller dies and the Grand Calibur but had never tried the larger dies. Much to my surprise I have the feeling these will get used more than I first thought and the price was just to good to pass up. Nostalgic stamps is another favorite I have collected but none of them are big enough to fill a 6x9 die cut so I scanned the stamped image and enlarged it to fit.  Printed on vintage color cardstock and a touch of mica watercolor I was pleased with the effect. I added a couple of glittery gilded ferns and this was the end result. Now to find the perfect place to hang them.

Brown and Cooper Accents

Green and Bronze accents.


  1. Looking at these Shadow Box Frames I certainly believe that you are thoroughly enjoying yourself the process of making some of the best shadow boxes. These shadow boxes are perfect example for simple is beautiful.

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