Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter...

Well it's Easter Morning in Michigan and the sun is shinning so it looks like it will be a great day for an egg hunt.  Nothing worse than hunting eggs in the rain, or even the snow LOL.  So I guess I need to get my two most important things done for today. The ham in the oven and my batteries charged for lots and lots of pictures.  Each year around this time my daughters take all the kids to get group pictures, with a theme.  Last year it was madras shorts and polo tops.  This year the theme is going to be preppy boys and the girls are an 80's version of Madonnaesqe outfits.  Can't wait to see how these gems turn out. They always are scrapbook heaven for me.  My daughter deciding she needed over shirts with sparkly cupcakes on them couldn't find the right ones anywhere. We ended up making them ourselves.  I made patterns using cupcake cut files and appliqued them on.  The girls had fun coloring their patterns for test placement.  All and all it was a fun afternoon yesterday and we even had time to make Peep pops from dipped pretzels and marshmallow peeps.

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