Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Beautiful Sunny Sunday...

It was such a gorgous day out today.  Sunshine always lifts my spirits and I just love the smell of spring.  Today I went to see the Time Burton and Johnny Depp movie, Alice in Wonderland. I went with my one of my daughter's and four of my grand kids. We did the 3D version and it was all I could do not the laugh during the movie looking over at my three year old grandson.  He was wearing those big black plastic 3D glasses trying to keep them up and eat popcorn at the same time. I loved the movie but then I always enjoy Johhny Depp in Tim Burton's movies. The movie gave me an idea for an Alice layout. So I went through my my digital color book pages and pulled out a couple Alice in Wonderland images to break down with Inkscape. I want to cut them in soft colors and use paper from Prima's Nursery Tales stack. I will try to share the cuts in the next couple days.  I just want to make the cuts before I do.  I find sometimes when there are alot of smaller pieces you have to make some adjustments and I want to make sure they cut before I post them.


  1. Oh I love these!! Can't wait to DL them! Hurry Hurry!

  2. AWESOME! I'm waiting on pins and needles! Thank you soooooo much! Gail gailheinecke at charter dot net

  3. So great!!! Love these!!!
    Sounds like a wonderful outting with all the kids! Can't wait to see what else you do next!
    Leah (aka BeeCherryLady)

  4. Hello, I have just discovered your site and WOW!! You are so talented. I don't have much time right now. Grandchildren are here. But I will be back. Thank you so much for sharing with us. Beautiful work.