Tuesday, April 14, 2009

One can never have enough pretty ribbon...

Like many crafters I have a love for ribbon and fibers. What started out as a dozen rolls quickly grew into many, many multiples of dozens. Storing and displaying that many rolls becomes a challenge especially in a small scraproom. I started out with dowels. Then display racks I picked up from my local scrapbook store. Then a combination of both plus a couple of drawers filled to top. Still it seems each time I needed that certain ribbon it was in the middle of a dowel or the bottom of the drawer. Worse yet I ended up using something that wasn't quite as perfect for lack of finding the perfect one in the jumbled organization I called my ribbon stash. Last week I was browsing in a store called Tuesday Morning and found a carton of Cropper Hopper ribbon and storage units. I had always seen these at Joann's but was not willing to lay out the cost of them at full price not knowing how well they would work for me. At 70% off I figured what the heck I'll give them a try. I am truly amazed how well they work for such a small investment. I filled up a 30 gallon trash bag of empty rolls and fit it into this neat little area. I even gained back the use of 2/3's of my peg board. They also had the embellishment containers that fit into the drawer units but I found them more useful as stand alones for my needs.
Before this entire board was covered with ribbon rolls, plus 2 full drawers. It compacted down to 6 of the drawer units. I left my small thin ribbons on the rolls because it reminds me of a ribbon rainbow, LOL! These are the small embellie containers, easy open and compact.


  1. I really like how you did you ribbon storage. I wonder If we have a Tuesday mornings here in Vegas. Great blog

  2. I'm so envious of your organization...lol