Sunday, February 15, 2009

You never realize until it's gone...

The unthinkable happened last week. The power supply in my computer just stopped working, puff and it was black. I never realized just how much I rely on my computer. First thought was no email or Internet access, and panic set in LOL. Although I have access from my son's room that option comes with a lot of ifs. If he isn't on it, if I can wade through to it, if I can get his keyboard (with missing buttons and no back space) to work and we won't even talk about the mouse. Although I have access at work it just isn't the same. Then there was scrapping, no printing pictures, no printed journaling and no SCAL. I know my Cricut Expression is stand alone but I have become so enabled by Design Studio that it's near imposable for me to be productive with out my computer. What has my world come to, being held captive by technology. I can truly say I went through withdrawals and the thought of going without until next week when the new part arrives it's unbearable. Thank goodness for credit cards and 18 month no interest plans. One laptop later all it right with my world again.

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