Saturday, January 3, 2009

And the blog begins...

Well it's a new year so I thought I would give something new a try. Today I decided to try to start a blog for my scrapbooking projects. So here goes...

I started out yesterday by sifting though the drawers of my paper scraps and extra cuts of this and that. I never disguard scrap pieces I think might be used somewhere, sometime for something. So now that I am having a bit of trouble getting those drawers to close I figured I should make an honest attempt to use some of them. I did get three layouts done and have another possible three laid out.


  1. Oh I love that grandmother LO!! I have some old B&W photos I am wanting to do!! Yours is fantastic!!

  2. Congrat's on starting your blog. Beautiful Layouts!!!

  3. Okay, I'll try this comment again. I don't think my other went through.

    Your layouts are awesome!!! Great idea to use your scraps. I need to remember to do that more often. Great new blog!!

  4. Nice layouts - they each have a different "feel" and I like the variety.

    Congratulations on starting your blog - it is a great way to keep track of the things you do, to share them with others and to keep yourself committed to creating!

  5. Beautiful blog, great job and you do amazing work. I'll be back for sure!