Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Re-working old layouts...

Do you ever go through your old scraps books and want to redo your pages? I know a lot of people say you should leave them because they show how you did things at that time. In many ways I guess that’s true. The progression of your skills is clearly shown when you compare the “back when you started” pages and the layouts you craft now. I tend to take pictures of my crafts and keep them on CD. That way when I give them away I still have a picture to reference back to if I need it. In a way I kind of look at redoing pages like redecorating a house. You want your homes d├ęcor to grow with your improved tastes over the years. I know I don't want to invite friends and family over sit amoung those shag rugs and coffee tables crafted from utility wire spools that we thought were “groovy” in the late 60’s and early 70’s. I just want to look at the pictures of them and have a good laugh. I do want my albums I pass down to be something I am proud of. Next comes the question do you or will you ever have the time to redo your pages? Most likely, if you are like me you can hardly keep up with the current photos you take. But for the fun of it, and because my daughter was commenting on how much my scraping techniques have changed in the past five years I decided to try something. I took a layout I did the end of 2005, reprinted the elements from the page and started from scratch. The before and after pictures below are what I ended up with. I guess my tastes have changed. But never enough to redo all my books, maybe just reprint those really special pictures and do another layout with them



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