Saturday, January 31, 2009

Family history albums...

A family history album is one of the most important scraping projects you can do. Since last fall I have been working on a family history heritage album. It started one afternoon when my grandson was spending the weekend with me and we were going through old family photos. My grand parents and parents have passed from my life and with them a many pieces of our family history. It made me realize that so many of the family memories I hold will be gone as well when I am no longer here. If I don't save them for my family they will be lost forever. It's a much bigger undertaking than I had originally thought when you start adding in great aunts, cousins etc. Heritage style layouts have always been my favorite to work on, they seem to be the ones I always gravitate back to. I love all the antique looking bits and pieces that can be added. In a way they are not unlike an antique dresser top fill with assorted treasures. This is another cut using my Expression and SCAL. I love the way that the Expression allows you to cut an entire 12x12 page.


  1. Hi Karin! Wow! I just love this layout! Well I love all your stuff, I see your pages on the MB all the time and your work is amazing! I love all the details and you can see all the love you put into what you do! Thanks for the inspiration! Also thanks for visiting my blog and your kind words!

    Have a great day!



  2. Wow how adorable , this is such a luxurious page it has a real feel of elegant's about it
    its fantastic
    Love Susie xx

  3. I love this can you share the scut file. I have a perfect picture of my grandma I could use this on.

    Thanks in advance